Azure, Enterprise Agreements and MSDN Subscriptions

Just a quick note about something I must have missed the press release on in the Azure and MSDN space:

In the past, if you had an MSDN subscription and were doing development or testing work in an Azure subscription paid for out of an Enterprise Agreement, you ended up paying for licenses twice.

This is down to the fact that Microsoft factors the cost of licenses for their software, such as Windows Server and SQL server, into their IaaS VM prices. Compare the same sized Linux VM, (which has no license costs), to a Windows Server and the difference is significant. At current pay-as-you-go rates a Basic A1 Linux VM costs £20 per month to run compared to £33.64 for Windows Server.

I don’t know when it changed, but I noticed a new, “MSDN Dev/Test Offer Details”, link in our Enterprise Agreement portal in late April and started investigating. I ended up digging up this page which details the offer.

In addition, this change allows the deployment of Windows client operating systems to these subscriptions. Something which was previously only possible under an individual’s MSDN subscription.

All in all, a good change and one I’m surprised I missed. I hope by blogging about it I can bring it to the attention of others who may also benefit!